The EASIEST way to save both TIME and MONEY on your food orders from all food distributors

(Sysco, US Food, PFG, Gordon Ben E. Keith, etc.)

How Compare Food works simple, fast and easy

  1. Upload your pricelists (catalog) from your suppliers.
  2. We will match comparable products.
  3. We will compare all pricelists by matched products.
  4. We will create a Catalog based on your upload.
  5. You pick the products from the Catalog you want to order.
  6. We will automatically select the best price based on pack/size and cost.
  7. You will check the results and make any changes you want.
  8. You press Enter.
  9. We will immediately email you the Order list for each vendor.
  10. You forward the Order list to the respective vendor.
  11. You are Done!

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